Make your website work for your business—get a video review that points you in the right direction.

Website reviews for businesses

Make your website work for your business. Get clear and impartial advice towards either improving your existing site or giving you positive ideas and direction if you’re considering a complete redesign.

Website reviews for agencies

Gain a trusted and confidential sounding board that supports you. I can help you at any stage; figuring out an initial direction to take with a potential client, right through to design feedback and usability testing of your solutions.

Security and privacy as standard

Every video review uploaded by us is private. We will securely email you a unique URL. You can further increase security with a password. Alternatively you can choose to make your video public.

Agencies and freelancers get peace of mind with our non-disclosure and non-compete agreement. What you send us for review remains completely private and confidential.

A fresh perspective, backed up with twenty years' experience

Intelligent and creative, complemented by a business brain, I have a passion and track record for transforming and growing businesses throughout Europe and the United States. I combine excellent interpersonal skills with expertise in digital marketing, social media, copywriting, website development and design.

What will our review focus on?

Some content

Your story & content

It is critical that your website quickly conveys what you do and what your business offers, telling them your story and clearly explaining your products or services.

Navigation & Structure

Your navigation can help you tell your story or make it while poor page structure can confuse visitors make it difficult to convert any interest. Is your navigation helping site visitors reach the content they are most interested in and helping you sell? Does the structure of your website on each page help convert interest?


The overall design of your website affects the initial and lasting impression people make about your brand and can either help great content stand out or hinder your communications.


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Digital Marketing & SEO

Your website should act as an anchor for all your Digital Marketing, generating lots of leads and opportunities. While we'll pick up on any missed opportunities for SEO.

New technologies & ideas

There are new technologies and ideas that will completely transform the success of your business and website. We make a point to introduce you to something we think will have a lasting positive impact.

Pricing, cut down to size

Our pricing is designed to be simple and affordable. You pay once for your first video, then immediately get a 50% discount if you want further advice for the same domain name. You also get immediate access to a series of bonus videos that help expand on issues we regularly comment on.

Your first video

Get immediate insight and feedback to point your website in the right direction.


Follow–up videos

Use Compass again for specific advice and use us as a sounding board for ideas.


Bonus videos

There are a series of supplemental videos that expand on common themes and issues.


Real insight, real examples

Each website review video created by Compass is bespoke and carefully considered. Below you can see how each video has been tailored for each business, focusing on positives while highlighting the areas that will make the biggest difference.

LitLux screen capture


The compass video has been great at highlighting a mix of quick and simple changes, along with some positive long term advice that I can incorporate into my eCommerce store as I develop and grow my business. Hayley Stoddart, LitLux Owner

Website type

Ecommerce | Start-up

Study Bundles screen capture

Study Bundles

While we have been absorbed in growing our business, it is this type of advice that has proved to be really helpful — allowing us to see our business objectively and introducing new ideas that we can use to move forward. Daniel Hinkley, Study Bundles

Website type

Business | Start-up